Hawaii - A Melting Pot of Nationalities

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By Sissy S. & Ericka A.

HAWAII – Melting pot, brewing for years and years. Beautiful and rich in culture.

The 50th state provides a variety of rich cultural experiences; a melting pot of nationalities, focused on family and ono food...and not necessarily always in that order! No wonder one can find a musubi, poi, sushi, and mac salad at any given potluck! 

Hawaii has been welcoming all nationalities since the rise of the sugar plantations in the 1800s.

The last operating sugar mill on Maui has closed its doors in 2016, but the energy and Aloha spirit still lingers.

No doubt, this is what united families and cultures together, making Hawaii what it is today.

To experience Hawaii circa 1850-1950 and life in the plantation fields, visit Hawaii Plantation Village in Waipahu.

Stroll through the houses of our ancestors and imagine old Hawaii. A hidden treasure of a museum in once sleepy Waipahu town.

Aloha, this is OUR home!

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